Building Quality Through Tradition !

Our Approach



Working Together


From the conception of a project we aim to offer assistance to all our Clients and Architects to achieve their goals.

By close involvement of our expertise at an early planning stage we are able to assist in finding solutions to problems often resulting in cost savings for our Clients.

Our success over the years has been achieved by developing a close working relationship with our Clients and Architects, who can be confident that we will provide




Value for Money


Value for money is always at the forefront of people minds.

Our aim is to provide this through a combination of modern production techniques allied with traditional craftsmanship.

Value of its own however is no achievement, value and quality however is something we can all be proud of.



On-Time Delivery


The key to building and maintaining a good customer relationship is to complete the project to specification and deadline.

We implement a Planning Schedule for all stages of the work to meet agreed ‘on-time’ requirements.



Safety – Our First Priority


The safety record of Peter Baines Ltd is second to none.

All projects are analysed for safety before any work is undertaken. If any part of a Scheme causes concern then action is taken immediately to remedy the situation.

All our employees are trained in the safety policy of the Company, which are continually monitored and audited regularly by an independent assessor to ensure compliance with all regulations as required.